Since childhood I have always loved "making things". In 1988, I took a workshop in colored porcelain and realized immediately that clay was the medium for me. I began to explore clay and the many possibilities that present themselves as the imagination and material itself are stretched. Wheelwork soon became my passion. I found myself trying to express feelings of longing and reaching as I formed pieces with large round curves, slender necks and flaring rims. I became drawn to spirals and curving lines and I incorporate these elements into much of my work.

My functional pottery is generally made from porcelain clay. I love this clay for its creamy smoothness and color response. It is a great clay for carving- something I really enjoy doing. It is a difficult clay to work with and more expensive than stoneware, but I’m hooked!

Some of my work is raku-fired. Raku is a firing process that involves heating the piece in the kiln until the glaze matures, then removing the red-hot pot with tongs. Post-firing treatments that create a reducing atmosphere allow me to get metallic luster effects and crackle glaze finishes. This quick heating and cooling technique leads to a certain amount of loss and frustration. Raku has truly been a lesson of detachment and patience for me.

I also make horsehair pottery. This technique involves layering a very fine-particle liquid clay onto the pot, which is burnished by hand to achieve a shiny, smooth surface. After these pots are heated to temperature in the kiln, they are removed with tongs, cooled briefly and then strands of horsehair are applied to the surface of the pot. The hair instantly contorts wildly and carbonizes, leaving dark swirling patterns in its wake.

I enjoy experimenting with clay and find that each new venue I explore leads to many others. For me, clay is exciting, sensual, expressive and alive. I love to touch it and form it and see it become something right before my eyes. Clay is the perfect companion for my creative side. It is my passion.