My porcelain ware is generally made on a potter’s wheel, though I sometimes add hand-built additions. Most of the pieces were glazed with layered glazes. Layering glazes enhances their depth and texture. Some of my porcelain pots have been hand-carved. After they have been formed on the wheel, they are set to dry somewhat, then the bottoms are trimmed and finished. At this point, I carve them.  (Throwing and carving are my two favorite parts of the job- so I really enjoy making my carved pots!) Once totally dry, I wipe each one with a sponge to get rid of sharp edges left by the carving tools. Then, like all my porcelain work, they are fired to harden them, glazed and fired again. After firing, the bottoms of each piece are sanded smooth. My porcelain pots can be cleaned in a dishwasher. They may also be used in a microwave.

red wizard jar
round blue x jar
small blue x jar
small celadon
black teapot

sugar creamer